Other Considerations for Schools

  • TRANSPORT – please ensure you utilise safe, reliable transport with licensed operators.
  • TIMING – please appreciate that being on time is important.  During busy season having several large school groups arrive at the same time causes logistical issues for us and you!
  • GROUP SIZE  and TEACHER RATIO – please ensure that you have an adequate number of educators/supervisors for your group size.  We offer free entry to one supervisor for every 10 students to make this easily achievable.
  • WEATHER – our reptile park is entirely outdoors.  If you are travelling long distances or are in doubt about the weather please call us on 084 7311563 to check.  
  • FOOD AND DRINK – if students are going to be making use of the facilities of Spur or any of the other centre restaurants, please ensure that you advise them ahead of time, particularly if you have a large group.  Ensure students are carrying adequate water, especially in Hazyview’s hot summer.
  • TOILETS – there are no toilets within the reptile park itself.  There are, however, toilets within the Perry’s Bridge Centre.  Students should be supervised should they need to leave the park in order to go to the toilets.
  • FIRST AID – you should always have a trained first aider accompanying your group.