Our new “gogo” house – come and be enchanted!

Formerly fondly referred to as “the frog house”, these days “gogo house” seems more appropriate – with a collection of frogs, spiders, geckos and even scorpions to amaze you!

With beautiful new cages from Repti-Zoo, we have been able to create beautiful micro eco-systems for these incredible creatures, and we cannot wait until we are finished – as I write it is a work in progress, as we await the arrival of fixtures imported from the US. We suspect we may be among the first, if not THE FIRST, in South Africa to make use of “Magnaturals” from Pet-tech to enhance our enclosures, both to make them more visually appealing AND to make them comfortable homes for their inhabitants. Our Firebelly Toad enclosure, below, shows how these clever creations allow great flexibility in the creation of environments by using magnets to hold ledges and planters in place on the glass.

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